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The Submit a URL feature is a helpful tool for helping you match specific products – more importantly the products we could not find on the competitions product list. This could be due to a few reasons, for example if they do not sell a product that you do, or for instance if you sell an own brand product it will be very hard for the program to pick up a match for this. However, if you know that your product is like for like to one of your competitors you can use this feature to add the match. The Submit a URL can be found next to the Export to Excel function.

Once you press the Submit a URL button you will notice a pop up that requires you to find the product of yours that you are matching as well as a field that requires the URL of the product you are matching to. You can find your own product simply by using the look up (magnifying glass) covered in the section manually changing a suggested match.

For example, if I sold my own brand of footballs and I knew there was a like for like product to another brands product I would search for my competitors product and copy and paste the URL into the field titled URL of product to match.

Once both the URL of product to match and your own product (Magnifying Glass) fields have been completed you press submit and if successful you will receive the message ‘match submitted for review’. If the entry is unsuccessful you will see a prompt saying it was unsuccessful. If the match has been unsuccessful, this is usually due to the URL of the product being too long (text in red will warn you if this is the reason). This can be rectified by shortening the URL you have copied and pasted. Be careful to include the product code which is previously mentioned in the Matching Marketplace Products section inside the shortened URL (usually the product code is ten digits.)