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Changes Report

On a day to day basis it is useful to see what prices have changed and how those changes might impact your price competitiveness. This report allows you to see whose changing prices, on which products, and by how much. The colours (check Report Introduction in the help centre if you don’t understand the colour code) used in this report allow you to quickly see if the new price is lower, higher or the same as your price, and even tracks changes in delivery prices.

The first highlighted example shows that our price is at £19.99, and Google who retail the same product, raised their price from £8.99 to £18.99. However they still sell the product at a cheaper price so our price will be colour indicated in red as we do not have the lowest price.

The second highlighted example shows that American Golf have raised their price from £9.99 to £11.99 which has price matched with our price of £11.99. This is indicated by the colour blue as it is the same as our price.

The third highlighted example shows Clubhouse Golf have drastically increased their price from £9.99 to £129.99 which is much more expensive than we retail the product for so the colour indicator is green.

Click on the product code to show price details for all competitors who sell this product and the price change history.