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Effective Price Management


Our expertise is automating complex data collection and providing trusted data analysis through both our software and our own in-house insights & recommendations. We are a focused team of professionals that work very hard for our partners!

We continue to develop and innovate our groundbreaking capture technologies and on-line software. This service ensures retailers and brands become more competitive with effective price management.

Our goal is to reduce the pressures that come with staying competitive in the e-commerce field. We aim to reduce your time commitments and save resources used regarding getting your pricing right by speeding up the pricing decision-making process. We want to do all we can to help them implement profitable price strategies while building great relationships.

Experience & Knowledge


Not only have we established a great degree of specialized know-how, we have also developed the savvy to support our partners to be more successful. We work alongside your business to develop a more efficient approach to price intelligence and management.

Regular communication and a bespoke service are an obligation for us. Insitetrack believe just presenting you with software will not let you reap all the capabilities and benefits price intelligence offers.

We Understand

We know it’s difficult staying competitive as a retailer. Therefore, we want to understand your business goals and objectives, so that the service we provide is tailored to your specific price intelligence needs.

Going The Extra Mile

As well as giving you clear visibility in your markets, we will give you clever advice and recommendations to ensure you are getting the most out of your service.

Automation Ability

The automation expertise we offer is more than just data collection and interpretation. Set up email alerts tailored to you and why not try out our auto price management system.

For Retailers


In today’s hypercompetitive world, you need to be aware of your competitors’ actions. You also need to be looking for ways to improve your efficiency and effectiveness. These things are difficult and with resources stretched, it’s easy to miss what is going on in your market.

It’s vital for us to save you time and help you be more effective by automating most of the pricing process. We achieve this by gathering market price data, analysing your competitive position, benchmarking against your competitors to even implementing the price changes.

We provide competitive intelligence that helps you make the right pricing decisions in a timely manner.

For Brands


Managing sales channel compliance is a time-consuming process and can take up a dis-proportionate amount of your sales resource time. We can help you monitor product prices, product availability, product range and depth, product promotions and grey market activity.

We don’t make a big song and dance about it, but we work with some of the most respected brands in their fields and work hard to deliver a first class service.

Why Choose Insitetrack

We understand the challenges

Competition is intense and price is still the number one factor taken into consideration by consumers in the buying decision process.

Managing your retail channels can be a real challenge. The key is visibility, and keeping track of your retail competitors requires a ‘smarter’ way of monitoring their activities.

We understand it’s important having visibility into the product pricing and promotions your competition is using. We also are aware of how important providing you with accurate and timely data that you can use to benefit all areas of your business is. Benifiting key business activities such as your marketing channels, supplier renegotiation, stock management or even within sales teams.

We do more than just help you achieve a more optimised pricing strategy as we first hand see all the savvy ways strong competitive intelligence is being utilised.

Ensuring effective price management tailored to your specific needs

Chances are you do things differently. Before we set up your system, we’ll understand your specific goals and objectives to make sure Insitetrack delivers maximum value from day 1. We will track the data that’s most important to you and deliver it in the format that works best for you.


Automated data collection and analysis

We do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you by automating the collection, analysis, and reporting of your key price metrics. Insitetrack can automatically email price alerts to individual account managers or buyers. By automating these key price processes, you will see the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced cost as your sales and product marketing teams become much more empowered.

  • Accountability & Integrity

    It is integral that we give you clear visibility of everything that can impact your business. Technical issues are a possibility, website changes can cause data to lose its accuracy. We constantly monitor this possibility and safeguard to prevent this. However, we will inform you of anything we can’t sort out before a pricing information update.

  • Bespoke Functionality

    The ability to provide a best-fit service is another core value for us at Insitetrack. Every service we provide is different depending on your needs. This starts from the beginning of your price intelligence journey. It is vital that we are adaptable and ready to implement a wide range of bespoke solutions.

  • Customer Success

    We believe that with a strong dedication to consistent communication, service development and informative insights tailor made around what you want to achieve as a business. We can guarantee customer success. Therefore, we reiterate the point of building partnerships and providing more than just software. A core value we uphold at Insitetrack is the continued development and success of our partners.


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