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Approving APM Recommendations

There are two ways of approving APM recommendations, one manual and the other automated.

For example, if you are happy with the APM recommendation this could be for different reasons such as the profit margin being good. You can approve the changes manually by pressing the authorise tick option on the far right of the APM table.

Once you authorise a price change it will be moved from this table into the approved price changes table which is located at the bottom of the APM report. This table is provided in an easy-to-download format which can then be uploaded and integrated into your own system.

There is also a auto approve system that automatically approves price changes into the Approved Price Changes grid, this is an optional feature and doesn’t have to be implemented on your system however this can be time saving and very efficient as it will run on a rule you have provided. for an example I could set a rule to auto approve every product that keeps their Margin above 30% after the APM change. take notice if their is a price change of a product that has been approved it will be moved back to the APM recommendation table.