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Lowest Prices Report

The lowest prices report shows the lowest market prices for each of your products and includes the lowest retailer, the number of matches and how many are lower, equal and higher than your prices. This is a useful report for homing in on your least competitive products and quickly identifying the amendments needed to put yourself in a more competitive position.

It also shows your margin if you were to match the lowest price.

In this example it has been filtered by the brand Callaway.

The highlighted example shows OnlineGolf using the marketplace Google as the lowest seller at £27.99. There are 4 matches, 2 are lower than our price, one we are equal to and one has a higher price than us. If we were to match the price our margin would be 1.12% and we would only make £0.26 on each sale.

You can click on the logo to go directly to the competitor web page for that specific product.

Click on the product code to show price details for all competitors who sell this product and the price change history.