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We’re the market’s leading price management service. Let’s help you to become more competitive!

A First Look Into Our Pricing

Here at Insitetrack we pride ourselves on not just selling you software but going the extra mile through a great partnership!

We recommend you book in for a free consultation so we can discuss your aims & objectives, your current concerns and any current competitive information.

This helps us to offer you more than just software and helps you price intelligently with a more bespoke service!

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Free Consultation

Book a consultation so we can present you with the "best fit" solution to help you price intelligently while considering all the factors that help you get the most out of Insitetrack!

We Understand

It's a constant never ending challenge staying competitive in the retail sector. With all the factors that can directly affect your business. This is why we consider all of this and tailor make a solution to help you with some of the pressure!

Let Us Do the heavy lifting

We aim to help as much as possible by taking out all the time-consuming aspects needed to becoming more competitive. This ranges from the data collection and analysis to the automation ability. We can take this even further by helping you with informative insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every Insitetrack client requires a different solution depending on a wide range of factors. For example, the differences in business sector, the size and scale of the client, the specific needs & aims and so on. We understand that the pricing only gives you a vague indicator of what to expect. Therefore, we always recommend you get in contact with us.   

Insitetrack is a bespoke tailor made system designed to meet user requirements. We will therefore, configure a system that works for you and present it to you before the go live date.

If you would like to see an overview of the system or request a demonstration of some systems features, click here.

The entire process typically takes about 14 days from sign up to implementation however, this can vary depending on the amount of work/bespoke needs required. We will arrange fact finding calls as the setup is in progress to ensure the service caters to all your needs. For example, specific competitors and their pricing data, bespoke dashboards & reports, etc. All the things addressed in your initial call with us are being implemented.

Moving on, we will present you with a live demonstration with your data and anything else requested in your system.

Once you are happy with your Insitetrack solution, we will provide full training & then set a go live date.

We couldn’t say we go the extra mile if we didn’t pride ourselves on also having excellent customer service. We offer live chat help from your own Insitetrack solution site. The option to ring or email us with any queries and questions. We constantly monitor and look for any technical issues that could affect you and aim to sort them out beforehand.

Our Clients Say

"Over the last couple years, Insitetrack have helped us develop a more competitive dynamic pricing strategy in-line with where we want to position ourselves in our marketplace. By taking advantage of custom rules and reports, we can efficiently deliver our overall pricing strategy effectively and provide great value to the business."
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Do You Want to Learn More About Our Price Intelligence Approach?

If you are interested in learning more about our unique approach to providing and utilising price intelligence. Please provide an email address and you will gain access to a slide deck that covers our approach, our process and a first look into our service! 

Price Intelligence Slide Deck Request