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Google Shopping
Price Optimisation

Google Shopping Price Optimisation allows you to improve your Google Shopping ROI by increasing sales through competitive pricing and better product visibility.

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Understanding Google Shopping Price Optimisation

  1. This service takes out the time consuming process of monitoring your competitor prices and other key product information on a daily basis.
  2. This data is then analysed and made available to you in an easy to understand dashboard accompanied by a wide range of tools and analytical reports.
  3. Utilise your new competitive intelligence knowledge and start reaping the benefits of Google Shopping price optimisation. 
Our Pricing Plans

No set-up fees or extra charges! Choose a plan that fits your needs.

Monthly Payments, No Long-Term Commitments, Cancel Anytime

Starter Plan

Up to 500 Products
  • Full System Set Up Provided By Us
  • Automated Product Matching
  • All Features Included
  • Full Training & Support Provided

Premium Plan

Up to 2000 Products
  • Full System Set Up Provided By Us
  • Automated Product Matching
  • All Features Included
  • Full Training & Support Provided

Platinum Plan

Up to 5000 Products
  • Full System Set Up Provided By Us
  • Automated Product Matching
  • All Features Included
  • Full Training & Support Provided

Google Shopping Price Optimisation

How This Can Benefit You

Automated Repricing

Our repricing engine will automate price change recommendations based on your business rules.

Product Feed Optimisation

Optimise your product feed by using your Google Shopping price intelligence data.

Lower CPA

Actionable data that allows you to optimise your ad spend by bidding more effectively.

Better Product Placement

A more competitive price will help  your product placement & CTR.

Save Time

Easy to understand data that allows faster informed pricing decisions.

Increased Sales

Utilise your price intelligence data to make smarter pricing decisions.

Google Shopping Price Optimisation FAQ

Why choose Insitetrack?

We are a UK based company with over 10 years experience providing price intelligence solutions to a wide range of different industries. We understand the pricing challenges retailers face in ecommerce and continue to develop both our software & service to ensure we can add value to your business by automating your price management process.  

What is Google Shopping Price Optimisation?

Google Shopping Price Optimisation Software utilises the tracking of competitor pricing information through web scraping. Then this data is collated into our web application through various analytical tools and reports which gives you the knowledge required to improve your Google Shopping ROI and profit margins through better market visibility and actionable data.

How do I optimise my prices on Google Shopping?

Follow the 14-day free trial button where you will be taken through to a web-page where you can book in a call with us. 

What about training & installation?

After an initial conversation where we understand your needs and requirements, we configure the systems for you so there is no installation and then we provide you with log-in information to access your system. 

We provide full training for you and your staff.

Can I integrate the pricing data into our own systems?

Yes. We have an API (Application Program Interface) that allows you to integrate our data into your own ‘back end’ systems, e.g. ecommerce website, order processing or stock control systems. You can also export data in excel or other standard formats, e.g. CSV.

Can I automate my pricing updates?

Auto Price Manage (APM) is a feature that can identify price differences against the competitor’s prices and suggest price changes.  Through a set of business rules and defined tolerances, the system provides price recommendations. 

Are you ready to generate more sales on google shopping?

Click below to book in a brief call where we can get you started on your Google Shopping Price Optimisation free trial!

Do You Want to Generate More Sales On Google Shopping?

Amending your pricing is only one part of the puzzle in regards to getting the most out of google shopping. If you are interested in our top 5 google shopping price optimisation tips and tricks please provide your company email address and we will send you more info!

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