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6 Reasons Price Comparison is Vital in eCommerce

Why is price comparison vital?

Ecommerce sites compete on price, among other things and even if a site doesn’t intend to be the price leader, competitive pricing software can still have notable benefits and in some cases is vital.


Profitability can be greatly impacted by such software and investing in tools to examine, rationalise and create the best pricing policies for your business can have notable benefits and help improve revenue, margin and increase market share. Here’s why Price Comparison is Vital in eCommerce!


Competitive eCommerce Pricing

Reality is that the World Wide Web makes it a lot easier for all of us to find the best price for an item. Comparison sites, tools such as Google Shopping and an array of others allow us to quickly find the best price for an item. Depending on your ecommerce business, pricing may need to be extremely competitive and being the price leader may be a necessity to sell. Competitive pricing software makes it easy to see who is the price leader. This allows you to decide whether to compete on price or not.



Alternatively, monitoring competitor pricing may also unearth the opposite. Selling a product at too low of price, or reducing to compete and then being the cheapest while others raise their price substantially, may cut margins notably. Many businesses sell ecommerce goods for a narrower margin than the market allows and price competition software collects data intelligently and allows you to price at the best margin for you.


Stock Turnover

If your ecommerce company is seasonal or highly fashionable then you want to make hay when the sun shines. This may mean having a high turnover and selling stock when it’s popular. Too many ecommerce businesses suffer when left with excess stock and prices begin to fall. Competitive intelligence makes it easy to see competitor pricing changes and means you can always sell at the best price to prevent stock turnover.


Empowers Buyers and Staff

Detailed analysis and valuable information on pricing and other factors makes it a lot easier for staff to do their job. Daily details and information helps product teams to react to changes in competitor catalogues and adjust margin aspirations, buy more products that are selling well at good margins and in essence make your business a better and more profitable one.


Automation Saves Time

Automating decisions also cuts out a lot of the human effort involved in ecommerce. Our software collects a myriad of data, performs a whole array of checks and can make all sorts of changes to pricing with only the slightest input, leaving you and your staff to do the things you do best. This software sends all the details you need, highlighting what you need to understand about your competitor pricing and so allows you to make the most profitable use of your human resources. It means that effort can be made acting on data rather than collecting and collating it.



Understanding the price your suppliers receive makes it easier for you to understand the price your suppliers sell at. This allows you to leverage more competitive deals with suppliers or seek an substitute more competitive supply.


For ecommerce businesses pricing software like ours is something you shouldn’t think about twice. It comes with a raft of benefits – so get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you make the most of them