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Price Intelligence
Software & Tools!


What is Price Intelligence Software & Tools?

Price Intelligence Software is a web-based service that enables retailers, brands and even independent buyers and sellers to monitor and track online prices of their competitors. This software can track big eCommerce sites as no competitor is too big. We can store all of your relevant pricing data in one place, including your own prices. Here at Insitetrack we use a wide range of pricing intelligence tools to provide and help benchmark, categorise, and review the captured data. This system supports you in incorporating a more competitive pricing strategy.

The process of pricing intelligence is simplified into three easy steps-

  1. Price Tracking
  2. Monitoring & Analysing Pricing Data
  3. Take Action Through The Advice & Recommendations Our Tools Provide.

This image shows in a triangle hierarchy format the three steps that makes up the process of price intelligence systems these are the price collection and automation of online prices. the monitoring & analysis of the pricing data acquired, and the final step is the ability to take action through the advice and recommendations our tools provide.


Technical Overview

The pricing intelligence software and tools included in our solution provide the following key functions:


  1. Insitetrack’s crawler and extraction engine that crawls web pages to extract data
  2. Back-end database for storage and retrieval of the data extracted
  3. Web front end providing an interface for the user to analyse the data 
  4. Business rule based auto repricing
  5. Suggestive product matching


The Capabilities Of The Price Intelligence Software We Provide

Image showing our capabilities and unique selling points in a table format. Those included are our customer support, our specialisation in bespoke developments for high-end systems, our rapid turn-around of charts and our insight to how we develop our systems in collaboration with our customers.


Our Capabilities

Our Pricing Intelligence Software Objectives For You

To improve visibility of competitor activity and to help achieve the best result of improving your competitive pricing strategy. We have listed some of the specific objectives included in our software solution below.


  1. Fast, efficient search and display of prices by product, range & competitor
  2. Automated collection & daily tracking and reporting of prices
  3. Automatic proactive alerts of retailer price changes and promotions
  4. Programmed analysis and insight into price changes
  5. Historical price trend reports of products and competitors

Image showing the pricing intelligence tools provided in a table format, for example the auto product matching, the auto price management tool, the wide range of reports available and the daily dashboards included


Some Of Our Pricing Intelligence Tools

Additional features and tools provided by the Insitetrack pricing intelligence solution include user admin and security. This provides the ability to control permission based rights and usage of the system, dependent on permitted access of your employees. Achieved by using the embedded user types within the software. A helpful tool is setting different alerts which are tailored to your needs. An example being reports that are time based (weekly/daily). We provide full training for our pricing intelligence system, along with follow-up sessions. Helpful tutorials and a help-desk guide are provided with the service. We pride ourselves on great customer service, which is available via phone, email and instant messaging within the application.

Image Showing the example of InSiteTrack's pricing intelligence software and the benefit of the different charts and dashboards included.


Examples of some tools our software solution provides and how you can put them to use

A Handful Of Benefits Of Our Pricing Intelligence Software

Click here to see a more in-depth way we can benefit you whether you are a retailer or brand. If you still have questions regarding price intelligence, check out our full overview here.


  1. Saves money, time and resources
  2. Improves competitor visibility
  3. Supports fast, informed pricing decisions
  4. Supports profitable growth
  5. Helps optimise product price points and margins


Are you ready to generate more sales with price intelligence?

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