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Price Monitoring
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What Is Competitor Price Monitoring?

Competitor price monitoring is the systematic observation and analysis of the prices set by rival companies for similar products or services in the market. This process involves tracking and gathering data on competitors’ pricing strategies across various channels such as websites and online marketplaces. The aim is to gain insights into how competitors are pricing their offerings, identify pricing trends, and inform strategic decision-making.


Typically, competitor price monitoring involves using specialized software or tools to automate the data collection process, followed by analysis to interpret the findings. By continuously monitoring competitor prices, businesses can adjust their own pricing strategies to remain competitive, maximize profitability, and optimize market positioning.

Why Competitor Price Monitoring Is Important?

Competitor price monitoring is crucial for businesses for several reasons. Firstly, it provides valuable insights into market dynamics and helps businesses stay informed about their competitors’ pricing strategies, allowing them to adjust their own prices accordingly to remain competitive. This knowledge enables businesses to identify pricing trends, understand price sensitivity within the market, and anticipate potential pricing changes.


Moreover, competitor price monitoring aids in optimizing pricing strategies to maximize profitability. By analyzing competitor prices, businesses can identify opportunities to adjust their own pricing strategies to attract customers while maintaining healthy profit margins. This can be especially important in industries with tight profit margins or intense competition.

The Advantages Of Competitor Price Monitoring

  • Automate competitor price monitoring – Quickly see your competitor’s prices with Insitetrack. Understand what product prices are lower or higher than you. View your competitor’s prices in one simple to use toolset. Download and export reports, graphs and trends. Even integrate price changes into your e-commerce system.
  • Monitor competitor prices easily – Get immediate access to daily price changes. Quickly see how competitive you are. Could you raise prices and increase margins and profitability?
  • Build fact-based strategies with price intelligence – With Insitetrack, you can identify competitor trends and activity over several days or even months. Get to understand your competitor’s price trends. React quicker, spot trends and build more effective price strategies.
  • Monitor product trends – With Insitetrack it’s simple to view who is cheaper than you. With drill downs and easy-to-read reports, you can identify quickly who is cheaper, more expensive or even when they moved their prices.
  • Introduce and monitor KVI’s and KVC’s – It’s easy to implement key value items or categories in order to understand your market position. Assist your buyers with real facts.
  • Save time and become more structured – Trying to manually monitor thousands of website prices is virtually impossible. With Insitetrack you not only save time and resources, you can introduce a more fact-based price intelligence process.

  • Integrate with your e-commerce – Insitetrack enables price updates to be integrated with your e-commerce system. We can use most e-commerce APIs to automatically update pricing updates. The system also allows for manual updates as well.

What Our Customers Say

“Getting up-to-date pricing information is critical to our success. The insight we gain from the Insitetrack system provides us with the information needed to make accurate pricing decisions.  Insitetrack saves us considerable time and gives us the ability to focus on building a competitive edge in the fast-moving on-line business.” 

Managing Director

Music Retailer

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