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Why Brands Should Choose

You tell us the brands, products and retailers you want to track and our systems automatically search through the retailer sites and extract the product information you have requested. We can capture thousands of data points in minutes. We then store the captured data in high-performance databases for subsequent analysis and reporting. Our customers can then access this data securely from any internet browser. You can monitor day-to-day changes for thousands of products or even have price change alerts sent to your email or mobile phone. Insitetrack is fast, efficient and very cost effective !

Automated Brand monitoring & Improved Channel Management

We understand the importance of having visibility of your products in the market. Insitetrack can give you that visibility for both your own brands and your competitor’s brands. 


Understand quickly whether your retail partners or associated marketplaces are out of alignment. Support sales teams and account managers with accurate information on price moves and product activities.

Identify brand anomalies

With Insitetrack, you can quickly identify where products are being charged incorrectly or identify the impact of the grey market on your product. You could also uncover product anomalies, mispricing, or even counterfeit items.

Faster Account team information

Intelligent reporting gives you all the information you need to make the right decisions quickly. Reports cover all the key price metrics and if you need something more specific for your business, we will provide it as part of the setup of your system.

Monitor your competitor product position

To remain competitive, you also need to understand exactly what your competitors are charging for product ranges and pricing structures which are similar products to your own. With automated daily tracking of your competitor’s, you’ll be able to react to changes in market conditions in seconds.